Dad has wanted an Arcade Machine for quite a while, but has always been put off getting one by the cost to buy (and cost to maintain). Typically retro arcade machines are impractical and limited.

So rather than buy one, why not make one!

The software used is from running on a raspberry pi 3. Anyone interested in making one should definitely go check that site out. They have done some amazing work, and made this build possible.

We went from designs to finished build in a wee...

I am in the process of creating a members only area. There will be a login/sign up page where anyone can create an account.

When logged in, users will be able to access their private content. Initially this will include beta access to the CryptoTracker

In time there will also be a forum, and other online tools

 Tracking profitability of cryptos can be tricky. Here is a link to download a spreadsheet to help out: click me! 

The spread sheet auto updates with latest pricing and tracks the profitability of several cryptos. Currently, these are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Just need to fill in how much you have spent, and how much coinage you got, easy

I have now created an bitbucket account and profile. Whenever possible, any software projects (or those involving code) on this site will be open-sourced and published there. Note: Some of the projects are collaborations, these may not be posted.

I would love it if any of you want to get involved. Please create issues and comment. If you want to get more involved still, then Pull Requested are welcomed :)

"Ethereum is a  decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference." -

The 'fuel' that runs the system is called 'Ether', which has many parallels to the more well known 'Bitcoin'. It is an exciting new prospect in crypto-currency and is poised to rapidly increase in value. It's fundamental structure  has more real-world applications than Bitc...

This collaboration project was with long time friends Ollie and Isaac.

I got a call from Isaac asking if I was interested in working on a new idea he had. Naturally, I was keen.

The plan was to convert a child's quadbike that was all but scrap and turn it into a feature piece we could take to events. We got our heads together and worked out a rough plan.

Ollie would be our structural fabricator

Isaac would design the overall look and finish

Dan would design the control system

We got cracking straight...

Big overhaul of the structure of the website, both front-end and back-end. will now redirect to

More projects have been added, as well as a better structure for showcasing internal work and collaborations.

Please use the contact form, the instant messenger (bottom right) or drop me an email ( with any feedback you have on the new look :)

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