The Electric Quadbike

This collaboration project was with long time friends Ollie and Isaac.

I got a call from Isaac asking if I was interested in working on a new idea he had. Naturally, I was keen.

The plan was to convert a child's quadbike that was all but scrap and turn it into a feature piece we could take to events. We got our heads together and worked out a rough plan.

Ollie would be our structural fabricator

Isaac would design the overall look and finish

Dan would design the control system

We got cracking straight away with initial designs and sourcing components. This was a fluid process as we were trying to keep costs down. Components we salvaged would have to be worked into the design. This just added to the final look.

In the end, we created a fully electric (solar compatible) quad bike. It had LED strip lights, headlights, brake lights and indicators, as well as a 600W speaker on the front.

With a top speed of around 10mph and a playback time of a day, it is an amazing addition to many events.

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