Arcade Machine (part 1)

CAD model to finished assembly

Dad has wanted an Arcade Machine for quite a while, but has always been put off getting one by the cost to buy (and cost to maintain). Typically retro arcade machines are impractical and limited.

So rather than buy one, why not make one!

The software used is from running on a raspberry pi 3. Anyone interested in making one should definitely go check that site out. They have done some amazing work, and made this build possible.

We went from designs to finished build in a weekend, completing it on Father's Day :) a present he loved. Now it's up and running and my Dad has a chance to play with it and see how it fits his space, he can decide on what way we will take the decoration. Modern and sleek, or retro styled, or something else..

By making it ourselves, we are able to use modern technology, and have full control over the look and feel. Using retropie means almost any (not too powerful!) console can be emulated, including: arcade machines, gameboys, NES, N64 etc. Even Playstation 1 games can be run on the Pi3!

I also set up a VPN on the Pi so I can remotely access the Pi. This feature enables me to load new games onto the machine remotely. Another handy tool that I installed is RealVNC (direct capture mode must be enabled). Its a very useful piece of software, I highly recommend it. It comes standard as part of the newer Raspbian distributions, but not as part of retropie. It is worth installing it though.

All in all the build was a massive success. The design changed as we went, and the dimensions were 'calibrated' against my Dad to ensure this custom arcade machine fitted him perfectly.

Bring on part 2!

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