Albanian Fergese and speca me gjeze/byrek



3x red pepper

2x tomato

1x squeeze of tomato puree

1x onion


grated cheddar

30g flour

100g feta, finely chopped

40g butter

40g Greek yoghurt

Speca me gjeze/byrek

(This is really two dishes combined into one. Stuffed peppers, with a byrek filling)

2x pepper

100g ricotta

200g spinach

1x courgette

To serve

Thick slice of crusty bread



Garlic paste

Grated cheddar



  1. Heat a pan to medium heat with oil an, finely chop or blitz the onion to the pan, salt well

  2. Blitz tomatoes and peppers and add to onions when they are soft

  3. Add chili

  4. Cook off a lot of the moisture

  5. Make a roux with the butter and flour, add the feta and combine well. Loosedn the mix with greek yoghurt

  6. Add the cheesy mix to the peppers and stir well, season here

  7. Transfer to an oven proof pot and cook for 25 mins

  8. Add grated cheese and sp5rinkle with fresh basil, more mins in the oven

Speca me gjeze/byrek

  1. Make sure the peppers can free stand, cut a little off the bumps on the bottom to achieve this

  2. Take the top off and hollow the seeds and pith out

  3. Put a drop of oil in a roasting tray and coat the bottom of the peppers so they don't stick

  4. Bake while you prepare the filling

  5. Dice courgette, fry in oil and butter, salt well

  6. When starting to char lower heat a little and add spinach. If you have a lid for the pan then put it on to help the spinach wilt

  7. When wilted, turn off the pan and add the ricotta, thoroughly combine the mix. Taste and season

  8. Fill peppers, put pepper lids back on. Spray oil onto the pepper lids and sprinkle with some grains of crunchy salt. Put it back in the oven. Ready to serve whenever

To serve

  1. Heat the bread slices in the oven

  2. In a pan, melt butter, cheese, garlic paste, basil and salt

  3. When melted drizzle/spread onto the bread. Serve hot

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