Gyspy eggs


Gyspy eggs

Nice bread, something like farmhouse or sour dough. Get it uncut


Cheese (optional)






Gyspy eggs

  1. Get a large frying pan warming on a low to medium heat, oil in the pan and plenty of salted butter on top

  2. Cut your slices thick, about 2.5cm should do it

  3. Cut a whole in the bread about the same size as an egg

  4. Fry the bread until golden brown on one side, then flip it. Add more butter to the whole in the bread and crack an egg in after it is hot and bubbling

  5. When the egg is nearly cooked, grate some cheese on top. Intentionally miss the bread a bit. The cheese will go crispy on the pan. You can scrape this off and sprinkle on top for an intense cheesy delight

  6. Salt to taste and then garnish with fresh cut chives


  1. Add about 100ml of well salted water to a pan with a lid and bring it up to simmer. Add the asparagus and simmer for 5 - 7 minutes, when they are starting to soften remove the lid and let the water all evaporate. When dry add some oil and let it get really hot. Add some garlic, before the garlic catches mix everything up really well and serve immediately. You want the asparagus to char a bit, but not burn the garlic

  2. Add oil to a lidded frying pan, add plenty of salt and a drop of water. When hot add the kale and put the lid on, after a few minutes the kale should soften and there will be loads of condensation on the lid. At this point remove the lid and let the water escape, don't let the kale burn, but let it char a little. Serve immediately

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