Vietnamese Vegan Pho


Rice noodles


Pok Choi, whole leaves

Chestnut mushrooms quartered

Tofu in small pieces


Fresh Parsley, ginger, mint roughly chopped


onion or leek diced

soy sauce

Lime juice


toasted sesame oil


  1. Get a big pan on the go with however much water you will need for the bowls/quantities you are using, add the stock cubes to it, let it get to a simmer

  2. Toast the peanuts and set aside when charred

  3. Fry off the onion/leek in the sesame oil

  4. Add the chopped ginger, garlic and soy

  5. Add the mushrooms, when they are starting to soften add the tofu

  6. I think this dish looks best at the end if you can keep all the main fried ingredients separate and add them to the bowl at the end in sections (as pictured). Tricky in a small pan, so use the biggest you have

  7. Add the pak choi to the stock water, squeeze in some lime

  8. When the pok choi are about half done, add the noodles, give them a few mins to soften. Taste and adjust the stock water

  9. Scoop out the pok choi and place around a large bowl. Then scoop the noodles into the bowl. Then pour in the stock

  10. Add the rest of the mix on top

  11. Top with some fresh cut chillies, parsley, mint and some more fresh lime juice

  12. Soy to serve

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